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GM’s, resort owners, and industry leaders are always on the hunt for the next new idea to implement at their resort(s). 


Many have attempted to discover this new exciting idea/concept internally within their own terrain park team, yet few to none have been able to deliver. 


On occasion a one off has been close to successful yet never fully implemented to its fullest potential.  Except for those that sought out the expertise of Effective Edge, the leader in action sports, freestyle terrain, and youth consulting. 


If you believe your internal team can deliver on a new idea and shift gears on the current direction of your terrain park program, the most youthful and magnet area of your business, YOU ARE CORRECT. Effective Edge will guide and support your team to reach your goals of success in the areas you decide are key to your business. Through our program and process, your team will now be able to deliver on 100% of any goal or new idea. 


The  mountain resort is tired of the terrain park with massive features and huge amounts of resources being burned on a large pile of snow that gives little return to our guest and even worse, less usage than any other features or park. Why are terrain park influencers so determined to push the biggest and most resource consuming instead of that which can deliver the most usage and attraction for our guests and engage new customers rather than the core enthusiast. 


Our proven program will supply your team with the pathway to implement an efficient, systematic, trackable, goal driven terrain park and action sports guest experience.

  • Increase efficiencies and track your resources

  • Increase guest engagement and usage of freestyle terrain

  • Decrease liability and increase use of industry best practices

  • Achieve a higher level of employee retention and engagement in your business goals

  • Ensure your terrain park has goals, a plan, and track these goals throughout the season

  • Integrate Snow Sports and freestyle terrain to increase your financial return

The time is now. Never before has so much change and opportunity been upon the action sports industry. You must attract the market of Millennials and new Gen Z now so as to retain them as a guest well into our future. 


  • Why your park is not right sized for your guest?

  • Right size your park for your guest and your operational resources

  • If your team can build a terrain park, then they can built the right park for your resort guests

  • How to build a terrain park for all your guests

  • How to build a park for the people and retain your current terrain park team

  • Why is your terrain park broken, and how to fix it

  • What common mistakes is your terrain park department guilty of

  • Double your terrain park usage without increasing your operation costs

Goal Setting and Bench Marking

During the season Effective Edge will provide multiple on-site visits to establish our goals as a team, then determine milestones and focus areas for improvement. Our team will work with your resort to design and create your new processes and programs based on your guests, staff and operational efficiencies with-in your current budget and experience level.  Each program is customized to your resort’s unique needs, strengths, guests and areas for future growth.

Park Feature Concept Design

With your resort team, we collaboratively generate big ideas, signature features, and design terrain concepts. Products designed for your resort to improve creditability within the Action Sports and Freestyle Park sphere and unique opportunities, ultimately improving the resort’s overall Action Sports and Freestyle Park positioning and brand.

Guest Experience and Programming

Park and Feature Assessment and Design: We assess your resort and regional markets to determine recommended feature sizing, size and type ratios with input from your resort team. We then utilize this data to design parks that best align with the overarching resort brand and goals, efficiencies, predetermined budget, and look to provide the best experience for your market.  The true goal is to increase your reach to new markets and guests.


Events and Signature Products

In a world where recommendations, reviews and shares are the main influencers for people’s purchase decisions, we make sure our clients are at the center of those conversations. We create fun, authentic, I-gotta-tell-my-friends-about-this experiences that get visitors talking about your resort. Our implementation of signature products we've designed has been showcased in past events (The Stash, Peace Park, Red Bull Schooled). New opportunities are available to cater to whatever your final desired outcome may be. Whether it is to build on your mountain terrain, add or enhance guest experiences, or attract a completely new guest market to your resort, we can assist you in implementation, design and the story.

P. Adam_Moran

Terrain Park Risk Management

We offer up a detail-oriented terrain park risk management program that includes assessment, evaluation, and recommendations that are aligned with the Generally Accepted Industry Practices (GAIP) and the NSAA Freestyle Terrain Program Contents. We partner with AlpenRisk Safety Advisors to deliver the highest level risk management training addressing both pre and post-loss risk management.  Our training includes, but is not limited to NSAA Freestyle Terrain content, jump feature measurements, and risk management audits.

Terrain Park and Pipe Construction

We understand it is more difficult than ever to find high-level terrain park operators. Whether your need is a specialty project build, an event requiring the highest level of detail and care, or you just need to flex up labor support during your build season, we can deliver. Through Effective Edge's partnership with Snow Park Technologies, we are able to secure the most professional, detail oriented terrain park builders in the industry. We have the ability to deliver through our collaboration with this fellow industry leader.

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